02 July 2013


Home is where the heart is,
but is homefront the source or your war?

Now working class, you may sit down now and pick up your thought, a paper, and a pin
as opposed to a handful of ammunition and a gun to rob your friend
because in the end…isn’t it all about you?
Isn’t is all about tapping into the source of stress & restlessness
that is hovering over your cubicle and then turns right around
following you down the freeway on your commute
and someone lands in your mailbox
before you even roll up in your driveway or your carport?
And you turn key and there is it…an envelope you don’t like
but the corporations know it so they had to put your name on it.

Home is where the heart is,
but is homefront the source or your war?

And there you stand in your own private war.
right in the midst of your home …do you open that envelope,
Or do you cry out  a praise trifecta powerball shout
No Divinity can do that, which is why
the brain is at the top,
the hands are in the middle,
and the feet are at the bottom.

All Creator does is give you life to make a decision…

(copy that?)

Sometimes the best defense
is leave the house  and walk alone
In reality there’s nothin’ wrong with walking alone
just don’t do it too often…because then you might start sounding
a little crazy and grow an imaginary Bluetooth in your ear…
which happens to be especially true when a family’s hero comes home
to a city park bench  or a concrete floor.

In every phase from life to death
 there’s more than we bargained to own,
just remember we all have YESHUA’s promise
that at times our lives are lonely,
just don't let your haters be your undertakers.

Home is where the heart is,
so what’s your plan “B” to with the BATTLE? 

©2013 cynth’ya lewis reed. All rights reserv’d
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Ever think of placing your hand over your heart
to pledge allegiance to yourself…

I pledge allegiance to my dreams
in a united pool of thought,
mingled with disappointments and inner wars fought,
land full of promise & a land full of schemes
where both lovers and haters stand on opposite ends
forever at war with one another. One vision, fully focused,
Given by My GOD, for in the end true liberty is totally...

up to what I believe about myself...

07 February 2013

blood offering

(edited version)
© 2013 cynth’ya lewis reed

have EYES DIVINE gone blind
on those who glory in themselves?
and what about the ones whose gods
are faeries, gnomes and elves?

will once-aspiring- Lands of Oz
where college dreams came true,
become unstuck with any luck?
does Congress have a clue?

they tout “Glory Halle-lu-JAH!”
sounds so pure in their conventions,
while potentates pass offering plates
with emerald intentions

why do holy rollers feed the need
to squash this sinking land,
and will “Rock of Ages” matter
where their feet once used to stand?

© 2013 cynth’ya lewis reedall rights reserv’d

25 January 2013

SHALT...a poem by cynth'ya lewis reed

(Author of above quote is anonymous.)

The following poetic revelations has been rated PG 
by poet-vangelist Cynth'ya Lewis Reed

(Cautious: Some content may not be suitable for FOX News zealots.)

Shalt…by cynth’ya lewis reed

#America shalt love the rulings of the FDA with all thy lack of natural curiosity and inquiry, consuming without question the goods they preserve for the  stakeholders own wealth;

Thou shalt plan thy days and nights as if one is no different from the other, and work ‘til bleach’d blue in the collar as your position demands  being injected with toxic healthy poisons not safe for lab rats or the homeless;

Thou shalt with wreckless abandon disavow any reality of thy bone marrow’s wholistic disintergration. . .

To thine own health... be true.

Thou shalt prioritize Thy employer’s work as more precious than thine own relaxation, for the work of your hiring master is precious to him that thy own self-worth-ethic;

Thou shalt not complain for benefits as thy job worth ever shrinks due to globally infiltrated inflation;

Thou must resist the temptation from such frustrations for instant blow-offs of sexual gratification, thus finding many drifting fantasies engaged in the act of coveting the ass-pirations of thy neighbor’s partner therefore...

To thine own ass-pirations... be true.

Thou shalt share crop child rearing to strangers whom have been compiled on Craig’s List and sell the souls of your infantile legacy to the lowest bidder who hath escapeth the sex offender registry by stealing identification of those whom doth not cherish internet privacy;

Thou shalt watch more reality tv; thou shalt increase the number of fast foods leading to a swifter non-existence, and thou shalt always remember that thy woes in life are always the fault of the persons whose sound advice thou hast refuseth to embrace in thy bosom;

(Therefore thou shalt sing with thy remaining acid-tainted breath the sweet refrain of the song “I won’t complain”)

Thou shalt cease requesting prayer because thou chooseth not to listeneth to thine own heart, suffocating from layers of plaque due to the blatant abuse of a Godly creation once viewed as beautiful;

And as the universe closes, let the greedy be clear to the unhealthy with honorable TRUTHS in the end-
-Ashes2Ashes--sprinkled in the midst of the radioactive dust as this earth burns to a cinder…

To our earth’s final death wish… be true.

© 2013 cynth’ya lewls reed
all rights reserv’d.  
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